Sister Jane Lowder prophecies in 2012

The Lord says onto thee, I called you by your name, and I filled you with My name, and I awakened your heart to My love and your heart to My power, and you have received of Me and thou has been willing to go and to make known of the wonderful words of Life and to proclaim My name in power and in demonstration.

And thou has said, “Lord, where is the miracles?” and the Lord says, “Miracles are released by thy faith and by My name upon your lips. And I shall do great things and you shall do great things in Me and amongst thy people. ”

And surely the Lord says onto thee, “Mainland China, there is a great wave and glory of My Spirit that shall move completely through this land and everywhere that the Chinese people are scattered amongst the earth I will bless and strengthen them by this wave of My glory. And in the next four years you will see and hear of greatness that I do amongst the people that are hidden away.”

For surely the Lord says, “There is a stream of pure light and joy that hideth and I am bringing them to the forefront, Says the Lord. And they shall come forth and they shall flow with Me in great power.” And the Lord says, “Be of good courage for it is a new day for you and declare it amongst your people for surely there shall be a great outpouring. And you shall see thousands and thousands of thousands leave their place. And when I say leave their place, leave that which they worship and come to the living God and surely it shall be a great outpouring in the next four years that there shall be a shout that comes up and shall be heard with the Hallelujahs throughout the earth, says the Lord.” Hallelujah.